Monday, December 10, 2012

Sketchbook images

Some of my favorites from my sketchbook. Maybe I'll rework them. Or maybe I'll just get distracted and do more. 

Old works and new works

My first color pencil rendering. Not quite happy with it. Please notice the patchiness of the background.  I weep in a corner as I look at this. 

This is... an image from my sketchbook. I threw it into photoshop and overlayed texture and colors.

Another image from Smex, completed 2 months ago

This is also another image for SMEx completed also 2 months ago. Notice the disfigurement of their feet. I need.... to practice drawing feet. I need to practice drawing in general lol. 

This... is the good man brown project. When i was done with it, I thought it had slenderman vibes so... I drew in slenderman and uploaded it to zazzle and... someone actually bought it as ornaments. I'm not complaining but lol. Why would anyone want slenderman on their Christmas tree?? I was so freaked out when I played the game, i couldn't even last 5 minutes before screaming bloody murder and running away from my computer. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Eh. tripy Filter Jam

Atmospheric perspective practice

Project 4 thumbs.

It was only after I finished that it dawned on me. Or more like smack me in the face. That the perspectives are wrong. We're supposed to be looking up at the trees lol. Oh God please kill me.

And I only manage to do one thumbnail. Im a loser, I deserve death. //gross sobbing.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Done in class~

Thanksgiving Break Projects

Thanksgiving Break gave me the chance to finish some of my own projects. Apart from catching up on a lot of sleep. Meh. I had references for the body. They all started from greyscale painting and I overlayed the colors. I don't know, its hard, they all look either sickly or...charred... And the funky hair colors well... lets just think K-pop boy bands. Yeah. Okay.

Oh. And one lineart for a fan art of Todou Heisuke from Hakuouki. I'll probably get to coloring... after finals week. Ahah, Heisuke, wait for me my baby :___: